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Theobor Of Nimrodel

Hello I play Lord of the Rings Online on the Nimrodel (US) server most people that know me call me Bor or Bors. I have 5 Characters at Cap. Theobor is my main character he is a level 65 Captain. Thurinbor is my hunter I also have Glorinbor guardian, Ethelbor Loremaster, and Zurinbor Minstrel all at level 65. I also have other Characters ranging from 23 – 46 9 in total all names end with “bor”. I try to be as helpful as possible this being my first MMO I may not be a lot of help but I am getting there. I have been playing lotro since open beta so I guess that makes it around three years now. So hopefully I will be getting some more info and input from my friends and kin mates to help anyone that may need it. Until then see you in game ~ Bor


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