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Once again into the breach

I have been play Lord of the Rings Online since the open beta and I find myself moving on to a third Kinship.  When I joined my first Kinship I didn’t really know what to expect or what I would gain or be burdened with.  The reason for this apprehension was that this is my first massively multiplayer online game there for the guild/kinship idea was new to me.  I soon found that it was a very helpful group of experienced players that I learned a great deal from they in fact encouraged me to create my second character we all know what that started.  Unfortunately as things do Peoples lives changed and the kinship weakened and we scattered across the server or disappeared entirely.  With the help of one of my kinmates I found a new Kinship and for nearly 3 years I have been a member.  Now too that has come to an end and now I find myself venturing into another LotRO Kinship probably not for the last time but while I am here I hope that I can complement them as much as I hope they will complement me. In closing I would like to thank any members of the Guardians of the White Tree that my still be on the server for all of the help you graciously bestowed on this noob.  To all the members remaining in the Gallant Few I hope you find what you need to carry on.  Lastly to the Lords of the West I hope to be either a very large or small piece to you group whichever is required at the time. Thanks to anyone that took the time to read this and see you in game.


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