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Episode 1 : Captain's Battle-Shout

This Episode I cover the tell the community team thread on captains with a special guest Leohten I also read and Email from Adam of The Khazad Guard. I hope you enjoy it ~ Bor

The Khazad Guard

Leohten is @sarawise on twitter

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Legacy Tables – Captain

*New or changed legacies are in bold/italics

Main Hand Pool A

  • To Arms Duration
  • Kick Cooldown
  • Telling Mark Damage
  • Devastating Blow Critical Rating
  • Pressing Attack Critical Rating
  • Melee Skill Power Cost
  • Maximum Targets for Pressing Attack (new)
  • Morale from Motivating Speech (new)

Main Hand Pool B

  • Cry Power Cost (cheaper)
  • Tactics: On Guard Parry Rating Buff
  • Tactics: Relentless Attack’ Critical Rating Buff
  • Routing Cry Damage (increased)
  • Blade of Elendil Damage (increased)
  • Cutting Attack Bleed Damage (cheaper)
  • Defensive Strike Armour Buff (increased)
  • Increased Duration of Make Haste (new)

Captain’s Emblem Pool A

  • Tactics: Focus in-Combat Power Regen Buff
  • Healing from Rallying Cry
  • Rallying Cry Cooldown
  • Valiant Strike Morale Return (new)
  • Healing from Strength of Will
  • Vocal Skills Healing
  • Melee Skills Healing
  • Words of Courage Power and Morale Cost (increased cost)

Captain’s Emblem Pool B

  • Duration of In Defence of Middle-earth (new)
  • Time of Need Cooldown
  • Captain’s Escape from Darkness Cooldown
  • Muster Courage Cooldown (new)
  • Time of Need Morale Cost
  • Grave Wound Cooldown
  • Shield of Dúnedain Cooldown (new)
  • Shadow’s Lament Cooldown

Removed Captain Legacies

*These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.

  • War Cry Buff Duration
  • Healing Threat

3 responses

  1. Hey Theobor!. Great first episode! I really like your approach to the podcast and will enjoy hearing other players as your guests. Thanks for joining the other LOTRO podcasts with GondorAwaits. Looking forward to Episode #2.

    June 18, 2010 at 2:01 AM

  2. Totally agree with lotro fanatik, I really like the format. If I can work out the technology and timezone side of things I’d love to come on and chat with you.

    Great work Bor

    June 18, 2010 at 5:20 AM

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