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Hello everyone I just wanted to take a moment to thank those that have helped out with my previous episodes. At this time I would like to ask for more I have post written for all of my episodes through #9 all I am missing is your input. I need any of you that would like to put your opinion out there for others to hear let me know. To anyone interested this is what I am looking for your answers to the Tell the community team thread on the classes. You can submit your answers in writing or email me an MP3 at and they will be read on the show, or you can call me on Skype or leave a voicemail at +1(304)534-9BOR (9267) and I’ll play it on the show. If you want to call me on Skype you’ll need to add me to your contacts and let me know what time you are available my Skype ID is bor.nimrodel. I have already completed the show for Captains but if you have thoughts go ahead and share I would love to hear your thoughts. So go to the LOTRO forums and look at the tell the community team thread get your answers together and send them my way. If you have an opinion to add to this discussion I want to hear it. Even if you don’t have a level capped (insert class) it doesn’t matter as long as you feel like sharing. I will also be continuing this into the Monster classes as soon as I find out what questions they are going to be asking. I would also like to get your opinions as to what you would like to hear on the show email me any suggestions you may have. Here are the questions that I would like to cover and do not worry about keeping your answers short I want you to explain why you want the changes you suggest. Just answer the questions you feel comfortable answering and just let me know which class it is for so I can get it in the right episode. So if you love your class and you want to see it improved voice your opinion and help me let everyone know. I also need the information you want me to share i.e. character name, level and server again thank you all very much. Looking forward to hearing from you ~ Theobor

Question 1
Give three examples of changes or improvements you would make to improve your class (e.g. skills and abilities). Only 3 responses please but you can take the time to explain your answers.
Question 2
If you could create one new legacy to add to the Legendary Item pool for your class, what would it be? Please specify whether you feel it should be a Pool A or Pool B legacy.
Question 3
Thinking about set bonuses, what bonuses do you find most useful? Least useful? Please give 2 examples of each.
Most Useful
Least Useful

Episode 1 : Captain’s Battle-shout Complete
Episode 2 : Champion’s Boast Complete
Episode 3 : Guardian’s Challenge Complete
Episode 4 : Hunter’s Focus Complete
Episode 5 : Lore-master’s Ancient-craft Pending
Episode 6 : Minstrel’s Piercing Cry Pending
Episode 7 : Rune-keeper’s Self Motivation Pending
Episode 8 : Warden’s Determination Pending
Episode 9 : Burglar’s Riddle Pending

One response

  1. Hi There – I am still not level capped but I do have an idea for the Hunter. I am guessing that the LotRO community would hate it (at least publicly).

    I think that it would be in keeping with the hunter to have a way to incorporate a limited form of animal companion to the class.

    Before anyone screams OP and no-WoW-Hunters, what I would suggest is a way via a legendary trait to exchange the hunter ability to use traps with a form of ranged snare that looks like some kind of animal (bird, wolf, lynx, etc). The player “fires” the snare which sends the “pet” at the target. I am thinking along the lines of a more limited skirmish soldier (but that could develop like one as well).

    In the interest of full disclosure though, I was a WoW Hunter who came back to LotRO not long ago. I would never want the LotRO Hunter to be like the WoW version where the Hunter and Pet share dps output, but I do miss having a buddy with me as I solo around the game.

    Before anyone says “just play a Loremaster” my response is – you have no idea how I have tried. I want to like the the loremaster but it has just never clicked with me, which is a shame but there it is.

    Anyhow, its just a thought. I am actually pretty happy with the Hunter class.

    Thanks for the great show.

    Njalin (Dwarf Hunter)

    July 15, 2010 at 1:12 PM

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