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Captain leveling guide 1-15

Skill Level: Moderate

Captains are masterful leaders whose commanding presence strengthens allies. Their battle cries strike fear into the hearts of enemies and rally companions to their war banners.

Role: Buffer / Pets / Secondary DPS

The armoured Captain possesses some of the most potent enhancements to the heroes of Middle-earth, this makes the Captain a key member of any fellowship. The Captain’s ability to summon a Herald pet at later levels, plus the ability to bring fallen heroes back into the fight, make it a desired group class.

Level Might Agility Vitality Will Fate Morale Power
1 14 8 10 11 14 115 143

Available to

Race of Man

If you are familiar with the game you can skip the user tutorial if not I would recommend going through it. I do however recommend not skipping the introduction quest line which if nothing else will allow you to get to level 7 without being in any real danger. During the introduction the game will guide you through most of your user interface or UI but there is much more to your UI. By hitting ctrl+o will open your UI settings panel which will allow you to change you graphics, audio, UI, and others. as you go through your options if you hover your mouse you should get a tool tip to explain the options.

Here is an explanation on character creation.

Here is a quick run through of the race of man tutorial area.

And now on to Skills these are the skills you can acquire through the first 15 levels.

Level Skill Cost
1 Battle-shout Start
1 Defensive Strike Start
1 Rallying Cry Start
2 Devastating Blow 20
4 War-cry 32
4 Cutting Attack 32
5 Horn Use 250
5 Lute Use 250
6 Telling Mark 72
7 Melee Critical : Rank 1 4 90
8 Make Haste 1 28
8 Routing Cry 1 28
9 Parry : Rank 1 8 10
10 Call to Arms : Herald of War 3
10 Pressing Attack 3
11 Accuracy : Rank 1 12 10
12 Noble Mark 7 20
13 Evade : Rank 1 16 90
14 Words of Courage 19 60
14 Block : Rank 1 22 50

Now for the quest Areas once you get through your intro area you should be level 7 at least on average depending on how many mobs you kill. Now you will find yourself in Archet which leads you to Combe and Bree. Once you have completed the introduction you will find many more NPCs with gold rings above their heads. Take as many quest as you can find, kill as many monsters as you can and loot everything. It will not take you long to reach level 15 probably just a few hours if you do not take a break. There are many other things that I have not covered like traits and crafting I will get to it but except for crafting you probably won’t even run into any of it until level 15. And once you get to level 15 you will be able to do your first Captain class quest.

Quest: An Inspiration to Men

Objective 1:
Hazel Kenton, a captain of great renown, is at the West-gate of Bree-town, in the Bree-land.
You have been told to speak with Captain Kenton if you wish to better yourself.

• Talk to Hazel Kenton

Objective 2:
Aldis Oatbearer has been seen at Brigand’s Watch, north of the Old Sweetgrass farm west of Bree. Hilton Harper is at Thornley’s work-site, north-west of the town.
Captain Kenton has asked you to recover Hilton Harper’s badge from Aldis Oatbearer, the brigand that stole it.

• Turn in Harper’s Badge

Objective 3:
Hilton Harper is at Thornley’s work-site, north-west of Bree-town.
Now that you have recovered the stolen badge, returning it to Hilton Harper might restore his confidence and inspire him to rejoin the fight against the brigands menacing the Bree-fields.

• Turn in Harper’s Badge

Objective 4:
Captain Kenton is at the West-gate of Bree-town.
Hazel Kenton will want to know that you have successfully restored Hilton Harper’s will to defend the Bree-fields from those who threaten the peace.

• Talk to Hazel Kenton

Rewards for this Quest


1 80

Captain’s Halberd
Simple Athelas Essence (x3)


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