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Hunter leveling guide 16-30

Welcome back! As you may have noticed, this series is not super in-depth. That is on purpose. My goal is to give a quick overview of the skills and areas for the level ranges.  After that is done, I will be going into a much more turn-by-turn type of guide. I will go into class quest guides, deeding, virtues, traits, and all other manner of things. First things first, I just want to get you familiar with the bulk of the game and your class, and then we will delve into the nitty gritty, so to speak. Until then, here is the next installment of Bor’s Guide to Hunters.

VerinborLevel 16 – 30

If things have gone well, you should have moved on to Bree-land and completed your Level 15 class quest. In Bree-land, you will find many new quest givers, both inside of Bree-town and out. You will also find Volume I Book I of the epic quest line, otherwise known as the main storyline of the game. With the new revamp of Bree-land, the quest hubs make a lot more sense than they used to. Many of the quest givers used to be in Bree-town and you would have to venture out into the wilds and run back and forth multiple times. Now they have basically reduced the back and forth and added a few new quests, along with new repeatable bounty quests. Once you have gone through most of the Bree-land quests and the main storyline, you will soon be ready for either the Lone-lands or the North-Downs, both of which will get you to level 30.

In my opinion, the Lone-lands (post revamp) will be the more enjoyable of the two. I am not saying that the North-downs is not fun, I am just saying that quest progression in the Lone-lands makes more sense now than it did before, which, unfortunately, makes the beginning of the North-Downs almost useless as it stands, in my opinion. Hopefully, Turbine will get the long-awaited North-Downs revamp done sometime in the near future (unfortunately it is on indefinite hold).

So, now here are your skills from level 16 to 30:

Level Skill Cost
16 Purge Poison 25 60
16 Low Cut 25 60
17 Ranged Evade : Rank 3 28 90
18 Stance : Precision 32 40
19 Parry : Rank 2 36 10
20 Desperate Flight 40
20 Intent Concentration 40
20 Rain of Arrows 40
20 Use of Fire 40
21 Ranged Evade : Rank 4 44 10
21 Accuracy : Rank 2 44 10
22 Guide to Michel Delving 48 40
22 Bright Campfire 48 40
22 Passage of Foes 48 40
23 Ranged Critical : Rank 2 52 90
24 Guide to Thorin’s Hall 57 60
24 Agile Rejoinder 57 60
25 Bow Chants 62 50
25 Accuracy : Rank 3 62 50
27 Parry : Rank 3 72 90
28 Stance : Endurance 78 40
29 Evade : Rank 3 84 10
30 Merciful Shot 90
30 Use of Light 90

At level 26 you can earn one of your Path finding skills by doing a quest in the Lone-lands.

Quest: Wilderness by Ost Guruth

Objective 1:
Trumswith is at Ost Guruth, the Ruin-hold in the Lone-lands, far to the east of The Forsaken Inn, just north of the Great East Road.
You have been told to speak with Trumswith, one of the Eglain at Ost Guruth, who can train you in the ways of the wild.

• Talk to Trumswith

Objective 2:
Hogahild left Ost Guruth near Unni, the dwarf stable-master there, but is now somewhere in the wilderness of the Lone-lands.
Trumswith has challenged you to follow the trail of his sister Hogahild. If you can return to him with the name of the only beast he has hunted and spared, information known to Hogahild, he will teach you secret paths through the Lone-lands to Ost Guruth.

• Talk to Hogahild
• Find/Use Subtle Tracks
• Find/Use Subtle Tracks
• Find/Use Subtle Tracks

Objective 3:
Trumswith is in Ost Guruth, the Ruin-hold in the Lone-lands.
You have followed her trail to Hogahild, the sister of Trumswith, and she told you the name of the only beast her brother has hunted and spared: the aurochs known as Trampletusk. You should return now to Trumswith with this information and he will teach you what he knows about the wild paths of the Lone-lands.

• Talk to Trumswith


5 20

Guide to Ost Guruth

Select one of:
Bow Chant: Minor Foe-finder (x3)
Bow Chant: Minor Shield-bane (x3)

And, finally, once you gain experience enough to achieve level 30, you will be able to do your Hunter class quest.

Quest: A Hunter’s Charge

Objective 1:
Gytha Lainey is at Adso’s Camp in Bree-land, on the road between Buckland and the town of Bree.
Gytha Lainey has sent word to you that she urgently needs your help.

• Talk to Gytha Lainey

Objective 2:
Gytha Lainey is at Adso’s Camp in Breeland, on the road between Bree-town and Buckland.
Gytha Lainey is waiting to speak with you and then travel into the Shire to intercept the hunting-party of Wargs that have come south in search of one of their own.

• Talk to Gytha Lainey and travel into the Shire

Objective 3:
Gytha Lainey is at Adso’s Camp in Breeland, on the road between Bree-town and Buckland.
Gytha Lainey is waiting to speak with you about your defence of the town of Overhill.

• Talk to Gytha Lainey


Enduring Precision

17 85

Greater Celebrant Salve (x5)

Select one of:
Kalfur’s Glory

Hope you found this helpful!  The next installment will cover levels 31 – 40, but stay tuned for some more in-depth articles as well. If you have any comments, suggestions or requests. You can email me at, leave a comment on the page, or leave me a voice mail at 1-(304)534-9BOR (9267). Thanks for reading and I will see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor of Gondor Awaits A Member of the LOTRO Reporter Network


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