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Calling all Guardians

Attention all Guardians your time is running out to add to the discussion. Do you want a new Legacy that you don’t have now would you like one or 3 of your skills/traits updated or changed? would you like to see any changes to your set bonuses on your gear? If so let me know at or on twitter @theobor or @gondorawaits. you can also leave me a voicemail at +1(304)534-9BOR 9267. Tell me how you feel about your class what you love and what you think needs improved and let me tell the world. ~ Bor


One response

  1. Devon

    My original Main is a Hobbit Guardian and I got him up to level 49 before leaving the game for few years. The only thing I would change (and I have no real idea how this could be done) is to speed up the attack sequence in Overpower stance. I am not saying I want them to get more attacks and do more dps, but for the animations and skill activations to happen more “responsively”. Maybe its just me but it feels slow when I play him although he does just fine against mobs.

    on Landroval

    July 15, 2010 at 4:19 PM

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