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Captain leveling guide 31-40

This week we will cover a few ideas on which area to head into for your leveling purposes.  If you went the Lone-lands route you should be about ready to head to Oatbarton and Evendim or to Esteldin and the eastern North-downs. If you chose to go through the North-downs then you will have naturally progressed to the eastside of the North-downs. At level 38 you will find that quests are either few and far between or require a group to complete. I would suggest doing Skirmishes as needed for the XP help in this situation. Unfortunately we have just hit the proverbial wall as it comes to leveling you will get there but it is going to seem like work. Don’t be afraid to use the different chat channel to ask for suggestions.

The skills available to you from level 31-40

Level Skill Cost
32 Cry of Vengeance 102 40
33 Block : Rank 3 108 90
34 Call to Arms : Herald of Victory 115 60
35 Accuracy : Rank 3 122 50
36 In Harm’s Way 129 60
38 Tactic : Focus 144 40
39 Accuracy : Rank 4 152 10
40 To Arms 160
40 Command Respect 160
40 Summoning Horn Use 160

Now this time around you will be able to start your level 39 deeds that will allow you to gain 3 legendary skills. Books can be purchased from your class trainer.

Level Book Cost
39 The Book of Oaths 189 60
39 Treatise of Valour 189 60
39 The Candle’s Flame 189 60

After acquiring the books from your class trainer you will then need to find 8 missing pages per book. The pages can only be found by killing sentient monsters Orc-kind, Trolls, and evil men. The first four pages for each book will drop off of mobs in the Angmar and Eregion areas when I say first four that will be the top four in the deed log. The second four will drop off of mobs in the Misty Mountains and Forochel. Upon completion of these books you will receive a legendary trait as shown above. each of these traits when active will in turn allow you to use a new skill.

Cappy Deed Log

Trait Skill
Oathbreaker’s Shame Oathbreaker’s Shame
Shield of the Dúnedain Shield of the Dúnedain
Defy Corruption Your Escape from Darkness ability is greatly improved and your Cry of Vengeance will revive one additional ally.

Hope you found this helpful!  The next installment will cover levels 41 – 50, but stay tuned for some more in-depth articles as well. If you have any comments, suggestions or requests. You can email me at, leave a comment on the page, or leave me a voice mail at 1-(304)534-9BOR (9267). Thanks for reading and I will see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor of Gondor Awaits A Member of the LOTRO Reporter Network


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