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Hunters………………………………..It is time to become Legendary!!

It is time for your level 50 class quest but first you’ll have to go to your local hunter trainer and he will guide you on your way. Your trainer will bestow the quest The Swiftest Arrow is Learning.

After you get this quest you will be sent to Fenton Marshley near Archet of Bree at the Hunting Lodge.


Our friend Fenton will then give you two rather lengthy quests Implements of the Hunt and Articles of Discovery we will cover Implements of the Hunt first.


49 70

Distilled Celebrant Salve (x5)

Select one of:
Bow of the Hunt
Crossbow of the Hunt

Step one: Acquire

Driftclaw’s Razor-sharp Claw from ScreenShot00335 Driftclaw in the Misty Mountains

Corroded Iron-crown Stave from the Iron-crown in Angmar

return these items to Fenton and you can move on to

Step two: Acquire

20 Clouded Worm Eye from Worms in Angmar and Worms in Forochel

5   Venomous Dread Turtle Beak from Deadly Ironscale turtles in Angmar

5   Putrid Fingernail from Decaying Hands in Angmar

after returning these items to Fenton he will send you on to the final stage of this quest

Step three: Acquire

1 Medallion of Passage

1 Putrid Slime of Helchgam

Both of these Items can be found on bosses in Carn Dum of Angmar you will want to find some help to down Urro and Helchgam.

But with both step 2 and 3 you can also acquire these items through doing skirmishes which will cost you a lot of time. Now on to the Articles of Discovery.


49 70

Distilled Athelas Essence (x5)

Select one of:
Bracelet of Discovery
Earring of Discovery

Step one: Acquire

Zorrgolug’s Matted Hide from ScreenShot00337 Zorrgolug in Angmar

Brimstone-tinged Tarkrîp-helmet from Tarkrîp Goblin’s in Malenhad

Return to Fenton and then off to

Step two: Acquire

10 Glossy Cave-claw Skin From any Cave-Claws level 47 and up

10 Corroded Neekerbreeker Horn from and Neekerbreeker level 47 and up

then we go back to Fenton at the Hunting Lodge and on to

Step three: Acquire

Rune of Winged Dominance from Mormoz in Carn Dum

Insignia of Battle from Burzfil or Skorkrank in Urugarth

so find some friends and have fun in Urugarth and Car Dum or you can do Step 2-3 by doing skirmishes as with above. After grabbing all these Items for both of these quests you will return to Fenton and he will give you another quest. A Lesson from Legolas which means a trip to Rivendell to find Legolas for you.Legolas You will receive Traits: Bow of the Righteous Money: 24 85 the trait bow of the righteous is in my option the best legendary trait for hunters that are having power issues. The righteousness of your cause allows you to recover Power with each successful ranged attack.

Also as a side note you can collect all of the items from steps 2 and 3 for both quests and turn them all in a once. The items from step one can only be acquired while you have the quest in your log. Next time well will venture on past the level 50 barrier and move on toward Eregion, Moria and beyond. As always you can contact me at also Until next time I will see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor


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