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Captains………….It is time to become Legendary

Now it is time to cover The Noblest Path is Service your level 50 class quest that you can pick up from your class trainer.

once you have the quest you will need to go to Archet in Bree and talk to Dawn Stockard.


Our friend Dawn will send you on two quests with multiple steps Implements of War and Articles of Command we will start with Implements of War.


49 70

Distilled Celebrant Salve (x5)

Select one of:
Halberd of War
Sword of War

Step one: Acquire

Nasty Snowreap-knife [This evil-looking knife is preferred by the Snowreap-goblins of the Misty Mountains.]

Fakhthal’s Jagged Blade [This jagged blade served Fakhthal ScreenShot00340 well until the day it was taken from him.]

and now back to Dawn on to

Step two: Acquire

15 Coiled Spider Spinneret [Spiders in Angmar and anywhere they are level 45 and over]

15 Hateful Worm Eye [Worms in Angmar, Sarnur, Eregion, and the Misty Mountains]

5 Rotted Barghest Paw [Howling Barrow-hound in the Bree reputation dungeon]

and now back to Dawn for

Step three: Acquire

Teeth of the Gorthorog [Brízrip, Dushkâl, or Thordragh From Urugarth]

Medallion of Passage [Urro in Carn Dûm]

back to Dawn and on to Articles of Command


49 70

Distilled Athelas Essence (x5)

Select one of:
Trinket of Command
Earring of Command

Step one : Acquire

12 Steam-scorched Carapace [Neekerbreekers in Angmar]

Hogni’s Spiked Helmet [ScreenShot00341 Hogni Cleaveshank kept a watchful eye over the pass of Gabilazan, and this helmet struck fear into his foes and friends alike.]

on to

Step Two: Acquire

20 Corroded Neekerbreeker Horn [Neekerbreekers in Angmar]

20 Grisly Bat Talon [Bats in Angmar]


Step Three: Acquire

Badge of Command [From Lagmâs in Urugarth]

Putrid Slime of Helchgam [From Helchgam in Carn Dûm]

Now remember that you will need help going in to Carn Dum and Uru unless you want to do skirmishes which is entirely up to you. Also to save time you can collect all of your item for both quests except for the Items from step one you must have the quest in your log for the items to drop. After getting all of these items and giving them to Dawn Stockard she will give you your final level 50 class quest A Lesson from Boromir so to Boromir you must go.


your reward for completing this task is a new legendary trait and skill In Defence of Middle-earth Your very presence inspires those around you to perform greater deeds in battle.

Next time well will venture on past the level 50 barrier and move on toward Eregion, Moria and beyond. As always you can contact me at also Until next time I will see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor

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