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Guardian's leveling guide 51-60

This week we cover the areas for leveling from 51-60 and the skills you will attain from them.

having reached level 50 and finishing your level 50 class quest we can finish up in Eregion and move into Moria which is like nothing you have ever seen. Gaining access to Moria requires #1 the purchase of the Moria expansion and the completion of volume 2 book 1 of the epic quest line. so we are going to operate on the assumption that you have both of these taken care of. After entering Moria you will notice first that it is huge with multiple quest hubs the first few are level 50-56 and then the lower levels are 55-60. Another option once you are in the level 55,56 range is to quest in the outer Moria pre-Lothlorien areas for reputation with the Elves of Lothlorien which will grant you access to the Lothlorien areas. A few things of note there are two Factions of Dwarves in Moria for reputation the Miners and the Guards both of them have decent rewards the Guards have a book for a legendary trait Hemorrhage from A Keen Blade. The Miners have a Nimble Goat for you to purchase for 6 24 and of course for both rewards you have to be Kindred with both factions.

Also for you crafters out there at level 55 you can make or have made a set of all three tools of your respective profession Tools of the Tinker and the critical version Superior Tools of the Tinker. Looking at the stats they aren’t any better than the level 45 ones but they only take up one space instead of 3 which as we know is great.

Here are the skills you will be able to purchase as you go from level 51-60. At level 52 Improved Sting will cost you 270 40 ,at level 54 Improved Shield-blow will cost you 291 60 , at level 56 Brutal Assault will cost 313 60, at level 58 Take to Heart will cost you 336 40, and at level 60 Litany of Defiance will cost you 360.

I hope this was helpful to you and as always you can contact me at also Until next time I will see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor

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