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Captains lets finish this 61-65 for now

Captains are armoured melee fighters and masters of buffing; skills that enhance allies. They may summon a Herald companion to fight by their side, ensuring they always have an ally to buff. They can also Mark foes, giving benefits to all who attack them. In fellowships, a Captain supports his allies with healing and buffs, while still dealing respectable damage. The Captains of Middle-earth hold the future in their hands. By their own strength of arms and the inspiration they instill in others, they must lead the Free Peoples to victory. With this in mind let us move on into Mirkwood or soon into Enedwaith. You may want to wait to level 62 to head into Enedwaith but that is entirely up to you.

Here is a list of the skills you get from level 61-65 it isn’t much but it is only 5 levels :)

Fighting Withdrawl Level 62 Cost 384 40

Watchful Shield-brother Level 64 Cost 409 60

To gain access to Mirkwood you will have to talk to an NPC in Lothlórien for the quest to get you across the Anduin. In Mirkwood you will find that you are in an instanced version of the starter area the Mirk-eaves after completing these quests you can continue on to the rest of the forest.

Boat to Mirkwood

Boat to Mirkwood

View from Lothlórien to Mirkwood

View from Lothlórien to Mirkwood

and from Mirkwood back to Lothlórien

and from Mirkwood back to Lothlórien

I hope this was helpful to you and as always you can contact me at also Until next time I will see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor

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