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Glorinbor MithrilshieldRecently I have received emails from Stratus of Crickhollow and Senseye of Evernight requesting some more information for Guardians I have chosen to answer them here.  First there is a guide on the lorebook that is very involved  you can find it here.  Second as to virtues there are two very good resources the virtue finder at and the virtues tab at  I have only used the one at burgzerg myself but try them out and see what you think.

Valour, Innocence, Justice, loyalty, Discipline is a typical virtue build for a guardian you may want to figure a way to get Compassion or Tolerance depending on what type of damage is prevalent where you are going.  To the question of what traits to equip so you can leave them forever the odds are that you are going have to change some of them from time to time or after a mechanics change.  That being said the main thing for all tanks is to get your Morale as high as you can get it, then boost your other attributes like might and agility also any damage modifiers like melee defense are highly recommended.  To comment on class traits these are more for how you like to play your guardian and opinions will differ by who you ask.  you can choose from or mix and match from the three trait lines.Personally I try to setup for as much threat generation and damage as possible mostly because I am usually soloing, however as It goes I do alright keeping aggro unless I am competing with a monster dps class like RK or hunter. Although if you are with at least a decent group it won’t be a major problem as they will know how to do the most DPS with out tearing the aggro away. this being said if you are going for a non soling purely tanking guard then threat and survivability are your goals. the higher morale and in combat morale regeneration you have the longer you can last and that will ultimately keep the rest of your group going. if you are going to be soling I would recommend working on setting up for overpower so you can kill things as opposed to boring them to death.


1.) The Fighter of Shadow (Set)

This trait line enables you to face down many of the more powerful foes of the Free Peoples giving you enough Power handle the longest of battles.

Brave Heart, Controlled Breathing, Defensive Expertise, Deflected Blows, Final Straw, Guardian’s Ward, Selfless Defence, Threatening Presence, Heart of Fire


2.)The Defender of the Free (Set)

This trait line enables you to face down many opponents while maintaining your enemies ire on yourself, and away from your companions.

Grim Challenge, Harasser, Heat of Battle, Litany of Challenge, Quick of Foot, Reactive Block, Shield of Fire, Stoic, Litany Master


3.)The Keen Blade (Set)

This trait line enables you to deal greater damage to the opposition.

Blocking Force, Hit Where It Hurts, Parried Blows, Quickness, Raw Power, Stinging Blow, Strong Lungs, To the Rescue, Haemorrhage

Basically you can setup multiple ways it is totally up to how you want to play your character so good luck to all guardians out there and I will see you in Middle-earth.

I hope you find this helpful and as always you can email me or find me at and from time to time on and


2 responses

  1. Valour, at cap level, isn’t important. And maybe Justice too.

    November 8, 2010 at 6:14 AM

    • To some people it is but as I said you can build your character however you want to play it. My guardian isn’t one of those 10k morale ones like some are and I do fine. People are entitled to build as they see fit and these are just some suggestions people can take from it what they want. Thanks for the comment ~ Bor

      November 8, 2010 at 8:59 AM

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