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Win 100,000 DDO Turbine points

What Would You Do With 100,000 Turbine Points?
December 01, 2010

What would you do with 100,000 Turbine Points? Would you buy every item in the DDO Store? Purchase matching armor for your entire Guild? Upgrade to the biggest Airship in the game? Change your hair color to match every dungeon? The possibilities are endless. You could be the richest player in Eberron! Simply enter today for a chance to win 100,000 Turbine Points!

  • What Can I win?
    • One 1st place winner for each game get’s 100,000 Turbine Points
    • Two 2nd place winners get lifetime subscriptions to either game
    • Five 3rd place winners get 1000 Turbine Points
  • Do I have to purchase anything to enter?
    • No, the contest is free to enter, no purchase necessary.
  • Ok great, how do I enter?
    • To enter, go to between Dec 1 to Dec 31 2010 and register for a free account to become entered in contest.
  • But I already play DDO, can I still enter?
    • Absolutely! If you already have a DDO account prior to Dec 1, entrants need to go to Dec 1 to Dec 31 2010 to become entered in contest
  • If I enter to win for DDO, do I need to enter separately for LOTRO?
    • Yes. Each game will have individual drawings. You may enter to win for each game, but you must sign up separately.

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