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Bloodlines Champions

Okay you PvP’ers out there here is one for your consideration a new offering from Funcom in association with Stunlock Studios called Bloodlines Champions. You can have a look at the pricing here as with a lot of games recently there is a free option. I have only played it a little but the first impression is it could really be a lot of fun it has a sort of action RTS feel at least with the look of the arenas. There are multiple choices of classes and player type which are available but of course the money you want to spend the more you will have available. It is an arena type game allowing you do do single player up to 5v5 you can use matchmaking or create games you can play other players or practice against bots. Here is a video of a short 1v1 me verses a bot match if you have any questions or want me to go more in-depth let me know or leave a comment below. thanks for reading ~ Bor


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