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The Secret World

This weekend I participated in The Secret World monthaversary celebration. Having only seen a little bit of video and information on TSW I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed but I also wasn’t supremely impressed either.

Although I really didn’t get a lot of time in game I will give you my two cents. The first thing you get once you start TSW is a very limited character creation. Followed by and opening cinematic that as far as I can tell is the same no matter which group you choose. After the opening in typical MMO fashion you head to the main HQ of your faction. Which includes the background story and a session play as a shotgun wielding Japanese girl. Then you come back to reality and choose you weapon specialization. You then get sent to an inter earth space bridge to travel to your first questing area. As I said this seems to be the same no matter the faction. The only thing that choosing a faction seems to change are your motives for doing the things you do.

Let talk about what I liked and didn’t like. The premise of not having classes is something that seems to be the direction a lot of developers are trying to go. Which personally I like the idea of personalization but you are still going to gravitate toward a archetype that you enjoy. So just create the main 4 types of class Tank, Healer, DPS, and support then have about 6 subsets to pick and choose from to finish your build. Similar to Rift’s soul system or even DDO’s dual spec system. But that aside the other issue I came to quickly, was the sluggish game control it felt more like I was driving a tank than running around on two legs.

I did however like the overall feel of the art and music. I didn’t care for the lack of communication between my character and the npcs. Either have both talk or let me read the whole thing don’t do it half way. As questing goes I am not sure if it is from lack of room in the quest log or just an odd choice but the canceling of a quest by picking another up seems to just be a time burn to me. Let me pick up as many as possible, I want to spend my time running quests and being in the zone not running back and forth to town. and the combat it very typical MMO attack cool down attack again but no auto attack as least as far as I could tell. Made it seem very choppy not fluid at all.

Granted I wasn’t able to play more than a few hours so I may be off the mark. Although as far as I can tell the only thing “new” about The Secret World is the modern day setting. To me seems more and more that an MMO is an MMO no matter the skin you put on it. Some have one or two different features that no one else has. Or that the improved from someone else’s game.

For a look at a review from someone who was able to spend more time in game here is Zam’s BFF Report on The Secret World.

Part One

Part Two

Agree or not let me know below, email me or on twitter @Th3B0rR3p0rt or @Bor_Jason. See you next time ~ Bor


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