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About Bor

Hello my name is Bor I am currently married with 2 dogs The Lord of the Rings Online is my first Massively Multiplayer Online game. I have been playing with limited breaks since the open beta in march of 2007. I have tried a few MMOs since Dungeons and Dragons Online being the most prominent. I really enjoy the game and the lore and now I am even more interested in the community. Therefore I am hoping to start a collaborative effort with my friends on the Nimrodel, Landroval and Brandywine servers and anyone else that is willing, that includes basic how-to all the way up to raid strategies. I hope to involve as many peoples input as possible and if it works out we may be able to develop a full website dedicated to this venture.

Recently I have left LOTRO at least as a subscriber I do play in the EU on a free account from time to time. I have however decided to continue my broadcasting/writing to include all the games I play whether it be a console or a PC game. Those stories and media will be here on The Bor Report I hope you enjoy it. ~ Bor

Find Me on Twitter

Theobor     Theo-bor

Ethelbor     Ethel-bor

Thurinbor     Thur-n-bor

Zurinbor      Zur-n-bor

Derrybor      Der-e-bor

Durrybor      Dur-e-bor

Glorinbor     Glor-n-bor

Dorinbor     Dor-n-bor

Nineobor     Nine-o-bor


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