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Destiny 100 Hours Later

This is an older post I wrote prior to the Taken King release but my opinions still hold the best pretty much the same. Hope you enjoy.

So today I decided to write a little about Destiny by Bungie. If you don’t know Destiny is a first person shooter fringing on the mmo world I’ll explain that later. currently Destiny can be played on Xbox 360 and One also PS3 and 4 it requires an internet connection to be able to play.


First off I really like this game but there are quite a few issues. being a Halo fan I was really looking for to there being a decent story but alas not to be. Also for a game that really forces anyone wanting endgame gear of any sort you are forced to group up. Which is not inherently a problem save the fact that there is no useful way for you to find a group in-game. The only ways to really get a group together requires using a third-party website, Bungie’s Destiny app, or just being rude and hitting people with the old blind invite. But we’ve all been there before a game company forcing us to find ways around what either they deem unnecessary or that they over looked. I would suggest matchmaking be available for all strikes, and also give us some type of bulletin board or something in-game make part of the mail or special orders vendor. I mean there aren’t a lot of choices to post. Just have class/subclass level and what you’re looking to do and when. I mean the activities list isn’t all that large a drop down menu you work. Then you get a pop up message in-game or on the dashboard. Then all you have to do is look at the list of players that answer invite them right from the board and off you go.

That being said there are plenty of other issues some maybe only I have a problem with but somehow I doubt it. With end game comes better gear Rare, Legendary, and Exotic. Exotic being the most rare and powerful. Having not done the endgame raids I cannot speak to how often these exotic weapons and armor become available through that process. Therefore I will speak to what I know Exotic weapon bounties. You gain these after doing bounties during gameplay which can be picked up and turned in at the tower the “social” area od Destiny. These multiple step processes very often force players back into the situation of working to find a group or to the Crucible to get these weapons. The Crucible is a PVP arena which truth be told is done better than some I have seen but If that isn’t your idea of fun it will be even less fun if you’re being forced to do it. I would suggest if some only does PvE bounties then none of their exotic bounties require the Crucible. By all means if I spend you time doing Crucible bounties then by all means give me one that lets me continue the gameplay I want. Also what would it hurt to let PvE player equip more than one Exotic weapon or armor? I understand not wanting it in the Crucible or Iron banner.

Being an MMO player by nature I understand why some people would consider this an MMO. I also can see why some people are saying it isn’t. if you are on the fence read the forums looks like ever MMO forum I ever seen. Lack of communication in-game between players. You can’t even get a simple question asked and answered in-game you have to use something outside of the game. so from that aspect I would say not an MMO. It is almost like they are ok taking the lazy way out and letting the community fix the issues with the communication. If you’re not going to give us tools to communicate better than maybe you should have stopped at the strikes and forgot about the raids. Another MMO staple in-game trading and commerce are also nowhere to be seen. If you want the old-fashioned MMO grinding you got it beyond compare almost to painful levels. My opinion is that in its current state Destiny cannot be placed in the MMO category but maybe soon it could be.

All in all I would recommend at least trying Destiny it may or may not be the game for you but there is only one way to find out. until next time ~ Bor_Jason