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Dual Boxing Experiment

Dual Box ExperimentSo the other Day I decided to try out Dual Boxing in LOTRO.  After some trial and error I was able to get it working using the Lavish Software currently I am only running 2 accounts but I believe you can go as high as 5.  You may ask why would you want to dual box?  Well there are quite a few answers to this question but my answer is mostly to make it a different gaming experience.  I am sure you have seen the videos on you tube of the guy running 5 RKs or Hunters with every key mapped so all 5 characters do the same moves at the same time.  I have taken the approach of doing classes to support each other my first attempt is a Guardian and Rune-keeper combo.  As of right now I am unsure whether this was a good choice or not but I’ll let you know.  So far this has been quite fun although I am only at level 9 on my characters but so far I seem to be doing okay.  I believe this may be the way I play from now one but we shall see I still have some more tweaking to do and a lot of experimenting I’ll post my thoughts and suggestions and answers to any questions you may have about this also thanks for reading and I’ll see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor.


To Guardians

Glorinbor MithrilshieldRecently I have received emails from Stratus of Crickhollow and Senseye of Evernight requesting some more information for Guardians I have chosen to answer them here.  First there is a guide on the lorebook that is very involved  you can find it here.  Second as to virtues there are two very good resources the virtue finder at and the virtues tab at  I have only used the one at burgzerg myself but try them out and see what you think.


A Few things for iPhone Users

I am sure a lot of you have have heard of the LOTRO Herald but for those who haven’t here are some links to let you know what it is all about.


LOTROHerald developed independently by Odd Duck Computing*, is available for free on the iTunes App store! Track LOTRO server status for all regions and view character data for any Freeps or Creeps you choose!

For more information visit Odd Duck Computing’s Site!

*Please note that Odd Duck Computing is not affiliated with Turbine.


Download a new wallpaper for your iPhone: Here

Contest for persons on Landroval

Middle-earth Chronicles is having a screen-shot contest for in game gold and Items head on over and check it out. Click the picture for more information.

And the winner is…………….

With 32% of the vote I will be leveling my Lore-master Ethelbor on Brandywine in the upcoming months.

Anyone on Brandywine keep an eye out for Ethelbor I wll update you on her progress at weekley intervals if possible. See you in Middle-earth ~ Bor

Calling all Minstrels

Hello all of you Minstrels out there, if any of you would like to be on my next episode email me at or send me a dm on twitter @theobor or @gondorawaits. I am looking for as many people as possible to give me your opinions on your beloved class. Don’t be shy let the world know what you think. Thanks in advance ~ Bor

Information from Massively on Enedwaith (via TheKhazadGuard's Blog)

Thanks to everyone that is paying attention to news while I flounder around trying to finish up my podcast :{D

Information from Massively on Enedwaith Thank you to A Casual Stroll to Mordor for pointing out some great new information released at E3. Looks very exciting, and great to hear that aside from this cool new region, housing, hobbies, and some cool mechanics for allowing old dungeon replays are on the horizon! Pop over here and check it out. I was pretty excited reading on CSTM about some previews of the turbine shop here and some examples of what will be for sale here, and overall my m … Read More

via TheKhazadGuard’s Blog

Captain Trait Lines (via TheKhazadGuard's Blog)

Looks like a great start to me wish i had the attention span to do that type of post 🙂

Captain Trait Lines I wanted to post something about the Captains futures as I have been in the process of writing a legendary legacy post and a quickslot layout post about them and suddenly everyones chatting about captains, on the official forums, bogs and everywhere; some of it positive, some negative. I personally like the off healer/healer role, but it has … Read More

via TheKhazadGuard's Blog

Mordor or Bust Podcast Episode 1: A New Beginning

by Mordor or Bust on June 8, 2010

Here it is — the long awaited Inaugural Mordor or Bust podcast!!!

Take the time to listen he did a great job and if you think he did too let him know.

Green Dragon episode #3 “Must…get…Undying!”

Green Dragon episode #3 “Must…get…Undying!” is released for your listening pleasure. A much less medicated Candace takes on the show with a special guest from “Gondor Awaits” podcast.

Mental Health Warning!
If you are a “lore purist”, do not listen to this show. You will most likely have fits of rage.

Click for the show