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Recently I have been in the closed beta of Red 5 StudiosFirefall. So having limited experience with the game I can’t give it a yea or nay yet but I will tell all of you to at least try it out. It has something to offer to all types of gamers. The aspect of the first or third person shooter, and also some role playing pieces. The closed beta being limited I was unable to dig in very far but hopefully after it opens up I can get a lot more play time.  So take a look let me know what you think and I’ll let you know what I think after I get some more time in game.


Welcome to the Bor Report

Hey everyone I have decided to branch out I will now be covering any game that I play whether it be console or PC games. I will still be covering LOTRO and will hopefully be able to get back to doing the Podcast. Until then I am going to concentrate on doing some videos and posts to let you guys check out games you may not have even heard of. I may even start to incorporate the Gondor Awaits podcast into The Bor Report or vice versa. I hope it is enjoyable to everyone because I do enjoy putting it together. Again I would like to thank Mordor or Bust for hosting the podcast archives and the LOTRO Reporter Network for allowing me to write for them. hopefully in the future I will be able to return the favors. If there is anything you would like me to cover you can still email me at or call me at 1(304)534-9BOR (9267). thank you for your time and I will see you in Middle-earth or some other such place :).