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Vindictus Prologue

Previously I had told you about Vindictus the new “free” to play action MMO.  The features of the game include the typical mmo fare.  A fighter class, Tank class, and a Magic class all of which are partially customizable after the prologue you can get more custom through the cash shop and somewhat through gameplay.  I personally have only logged about nine or ten hours playing so far but I will say that the controls and the gameplay were very easy for me to pick up on.  I haven’t advanced far enough to know if I am going to have to spend money in the cash shop to keep the game enjoyable.  I will say that since I am relativity new to MMOs at least in the terms of variety of games I have been finding some of the mechanics a little wanting at least in my opinion. However the interactive environments are very cool you can break pillars and throw them at enemy’s which is a very cool  mechanic.  The crafting is a little different than I am use to also the drop rate for items that are needed for crafting is quite low at least at this point.  You can however buy these items at the Marketplace which is there version of auction.  That being said I wanted to tell you a little about the Prologue…… (more…)


Vindictus Characters

I have recently started playing Vindictus by Nexon a newer “Free” to play Action MMO. here is a few videos introducing the playable characters you can choose from. you can find Vindictus here I hope you enjoy the videos and there are more to come. ~ Bor