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Firefall Reimagined?

In the last few days Red 5 Studios has been finishing up a new update for Firefall which is still in the beta stages of development. Update maybe a little bit of an understatement it seems more like they mostly rebuilt the playable characters and the way you’ll be able to play. Here is the Video developer diary take a look.

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To Guardians

Glorinbor MithrilshieldRecently I have received emails from Stratus of Crickhollow and Senseye of Evernight requesting some more information for Guardians I have chosen to answer them here.  First there is a guide on the lorebook that is very involved  you can find it here.  Second as to virtues there are two very good resources the virtue finder at and the virtues tab at  I have only used the one at burgzerg myself but try them out and see what you think.